Go here. Seriously, stop what you’re doing and
just do it. I have never not been exceptionally
happy with my experience here. Everyone is
always super nice.

You like crab? Ask them to put “tons” on your
bowl. They’ll barely be able to get the lid on.
You’ll be able to do some pre-dinner curls with
your food, it’ll be so heavy.

Kaylee Marie

Wow! So great! This was my first time but it
won’t be my last. I loved it. Had the shrimp, crab
salad, edamame, brown rice, greens and spicy
mayo. The small bowl was deceiving, I was stuffed
and very satisfied. Glad I’m only down the street
from this place because I’ll be a regular now.

Beth Nash

Like oh my god good! Sushi in a bowl. I had
regular bowl w/ salmon, tuna, scallops on brown
rice. Sauce was sesame shoyu. Toppings were
green onion, tabico, crab salad, cucumber and
fried garlic.

Poke King Customer

I love coming here. I usually get it to go, and they
are so fast. it’s always high quality fish. been here
well over ten times, never had a bad experience.
these guys are champions!

Aaron Hemig

The fish is always great quality. Love all the
sauce/topping options and they don’t scoop
lightly! I drive across town just to eat their poke.

Erika McDonald

As someone who has never tried a poke bowl, I am
hooked! It was so fresh and yummy; there were
plenty of options but not an overwhelming

The customer service was excellent. Everyone was
friendly and helpful.

The only negative thing I noticed was the
cleanliness of the dining area. Mind you, I came
here right after the lunch rush and it was still a
little busy – so maybe I just happened to come in
the wrong time. It won’t hold me back from
returning (everything else was clean).

I highly recommend this establishment!

Liv Tanguileg

Great food, yummy seafood. I missed poke, from
my time in Hawaii, and this place does a close
approximation to what you can get down there.
Friendly staff, fast service. I will definitely eat
here again.

Eduardo Gutierrez

Listen, this place is amasing. Since somone
brought me here about two months ago ive gone
about twice a week. Ive started to bring my
friends and they are bringing theirs too. Honestly
as a highschooler this place is cheep and amasing
Hope one opens near Reno high!

Knight of Tech

Best place to get a poke bowl in Reno. The staff is
very nice and friendly and the portions are
awesome. Definitely recommend!

Aqeel Nizar

Great place to satisfy my seafood craving without
needing to go to a sushi restaurant. Good prices
for the amount of food you get.

Greg Saiyo

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